Practice Areas

 The Cochran Firm - Metairie attorneys focus their practice on handing all types of Medical Malpractice cases and issues involving health care in general.  Medical malpractice can occur in a variety of settings including private hospitals/physician offices, public charity hospitals and clinics, military medical bases, veterans administration hospitals and clinics/physicians, prisons, and publicly funded university hospitals and clinics.   Although the standard of care for practicing medicine is generally the same regardless of where the medical malpractice occurs, there may be vast differences in procedures and rules depending on where the medical malpractice occurred.  There may also be specific limitations on recovery by victims of medical malpractice depending on where the incident occurred.  To review the specifics of these types of cases click on the link below, or view them in our practice area listings:

Military Medical Malpractice Claims

Prison Medical Malpractice Claims

Private Hospital/Physician Claims

Public Hospital/Physician Claims

Veterans Administration Hospital and Clinic Claims

At The Cochran Firm - Metairie, we have experience in handling all of the above types of claims. We also receive medical malpractice referrals from our partners in Alabama, Washington D.C., Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas where we have worked these cases together with those local partners.  Let us use our expertise to help you evaluate your potential case today.  The consultation and review is FREE.

Although medical malpractice can occur in any type of medical care, the medical areas listed and discussed here are some of the more frequent areas where questions regarding the patient's medical care arise.